Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on May 17, 2023

PRC’s Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Program provides a free recycling service that rotates through a variety of locations in western Pennsylvania.  This innovative program provides residents with a higher quality glass recycling option than typical curbside programs, ensuring that glass deposited into the bin meets the highest standards and can be fully recycled.

PRC Traveling Glass Recycling Bin weeklong engagements in June 2023:

June 3–8 @ DEER LAKES PARK (Allegheny County)
Veteran Shelter Parking Lot
1090 Baileys Run Rd, Tarentum, PA 15084
hosted by Allegheny County

June 17-22 @ FINDLAY TOWNSHIP (Allegheny County)
Public Works Garage
1058 Clinton Rd, Clinton, PA 15206
hosted by Findlay Township

“The bin visits various locations on a weekly basis from Saturday through Thursday, typically from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” according to PRC Glass Program Simon Joseph.  “A bottle, jar or jug dropped in the bin today could be recycled and back on a store shelf in less than 30 days.”

Individuals can drop off glass bottles, jars and jugs of all colors (no color sorting required).  Containers should be empty and rinsed, with lids and labels still on.  Bags and boxes used to deliver glass must be discarded off-site.

Last year, PRC’s glass recycling program enabled 45,000 households in western Pennsylvania to drop of nearly two million pounds of bottles, jars and jugs for recycling.

PRC’s Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Program is sponsored by Owens-Illinois, Inc. and CAP Glass and is made possible through a partnership with Michael Brothers Hauling & Recycling.  For more information, visit www.prc.org/glass.


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