Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on November 28, 2022

PRC’s interactive classroom outreach programs encourage youth to become environmental stewards.  A variety of interactive classroom presentations teach school students the value of conserving natural resources. At the “Recycling is Magic” assembly, student see glass bottles disappear, watch a paper dove become a live one, and learn the magic words “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Public schools may qualify for programming free of charge, while funding lasts.

To schedule a presentation, teachers can contact:
> Diana Andrejczak at [email protected] for programs in southeastern Pennsylvania
> Emily Stein at [email protected] for programs in southwestern Pennsylvania

Current program offerings:

LITTER & RECYCLING (classroom program in southeastern PA)
30 – 45 minute program for up to 25 students in grades K – 2

  • Students learn the ins and outs of recycling and gain skilled needed to reduce litter and support the environment. This program features the hazards that litter presents, how students can help stop litter, what to recycle, and a little recycling magic.

RECYCLING AWARENESS (classroom program in southwestern PA)
45-minute program for up to 25 students in grades 4 – 8

  • This program reinforces environment and ecology topics surrounding resource conservation. Students learn about natural resources, the waste stream, how recycling and landfills work, and how to recycle at home.  Students end the session with a recycling relay activity to put their knowledte to the test.

RECYCLING IS MAGIC (assembly program in southwestern PA)
60-minute program for grades 3 – 6

  • In this engaging and informative program, magician Dan Kuniak takes students through the magic of recycling. Students learn what materials are recyclable, how to identify them and prepare them for collection, what happens to the materials after they are collected, and how the recycling process works.  See glass bottles diappear, watch a paper dove become a live one, and learn the magic words “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”!


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