Lens on Litter Contest

Since 1984, PRC has been sponsoring an annual Gene Capaldi Lens on Litter Photo contest, because it calls attention to the litter problem in communities across Pennsylvania. Thus, the result is participants submitting thousands of photos over the years.  Contests will be eligible for three different prizes. Photos in a hard copy format will not be returning to the photographer, because they may be used to PRC’s desecration.  Also, any photos not meeting contest regulations will not be judged.

Submissions are on a rolling basis. Every year, contest dates are January 1 to October 31.



Contestants are divided into two categories: Adults and Students (through Grade 12). Each category will be awarded the following prizes: First prize, $500; second prize, $250 and third prize, $100.


Carolyn Capaldi

Robert & Mary Capaldi

Wawa Inc.


  • Photos must be taken in Pennsylvania.
  • Each photo must have a 3×5 card, attached to the back of the photo listing:
    • Contest category (adult or student) Students must also include age, grade, and school name
    • Photographer’s name, address, email and phone number
    • Title of composition and location
    • How you heard about the contest
  • Photo must be no smaller than 4×6 inches and no larger than 8×10 inches. It may be in black and white or in color. Digital entries must be submitted in high resolution. (This will improve the quality of the printed photos.)
  • Each participant may submit up to 5 photos.
  • Each photo will be judged on 6 criteria:
    • Anti-litter message
    • Originality of photo
    • Photographic technique
    • Quality of photo
    • Originality of title
    • Severity of the Litterbug’s crime

Photos should help to heighten litter consciousness by showing how litter threatens public health and safety, scenic beauty, property values, the environment, pets, or wildlife.

Please, do not submit photos of illegal dumping. The goal of the Lens on Litter Photo Contest is to highlight the careless, illegal act of littering, in order to change individual behavior.

Also, entrants are encouraged to coordinate a clean-up of the subject area and provide a photo of the results of your efforts.  Extra Points will be awarded for those entries who show evidence of cleanup of the site photoed.

Contest dates are January 1-December 31 every year. Send all entries by December 31 of this year to:

PRC/Lens on Litter
1671 N. Providence Road
Media, PA 19063

High resolution photos may be submitted via the form on this page or by emailing them to [email protected]   Please include all required information listed above in your email.

Please feel free to email the Lens on Litter team at [email protected] with any questions.

Online Submission Form

2019 Lens on Litter Winners

The 2019 Gene Capaldi Lens On Litter Winners Announced:

2018 Lens on Litter Winners

The 2018 Gene Capaldi Lens On Litter Winners Announced: