Posted by: Stacy Albin on June 24, 2020

PRC is committed to serving residents living in municipalities no longer accepting glass in curbside recycling collection.  Partnerships with municipal managers can arrange to bring this vital service to their communities.

Municipal managers can learn more about glass recycling options by joining PRC this afternoon – Wednesday, June 24, at 2 p.m. – for a free webinar targeted at public administrators looking to better understand the role of municipal recycling in the circular economy.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE JUNE 24 WEBINAR. Registration will close at noon.



Local government administrators and officials are increasingly faced with gaps in recycling service delivery, with glass recycling being one of the most salient changes today. We will discuss:

Why is my community’s contracted hauler removing glass from our residential curbside contract?

Is there really “no market” for glass containers?

How can we as public administrators continue to offer quality collection services and sustainable management of these valuable materials?

Public administrators participating in this webinar also will be introduced to PRC’s services that municipalities may engage to implement glass recycling collections within their communities. PRC will provide details and associated costs for each of these programs, providing local government administrators and elected officials with the information needed to offer glass recycling collection services to their communities in 2020.

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