Conservation Workshops

PRC has been facilitating Conservation Workshops since 2000 to over 30,000 participants.  These workshops teach the general public the importance of Backyard and Worm Composting, Watershed Awareness and Rain Barrels, Green Cleaning, and more.

Backyard Composting Workshops

It’s Time to Compost! Are you unsure what to do with your kitchen, garden, and yard scraps? Would you like natural, home-made compost for your lawns and gardens in the spring? Then, you can expand your recycling efforts to include kitchen scraps and yard debris by signing up for a Backyard Composting Workshop to turn […]

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Vermicomposting Workshops

Worm Your Way into Vermicomposting Would you like natural, home-made fertilizer for your lawns and gardens in the Spring? Then, you expand your recycling efforts by signing up for a Vermicomposting Workshop. Try turning your food scraps into a valuable resource for your garden. While they require more care than regular composting, worms produce a […]

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Watershed Awareness & Rain Barrel Workshops

Celebrate The Rain! It’s time for us to start celebrating rainwater. So, our organization offers Watershed Awareness & Rain Barrel Workshops across Pennsylvania. Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water, supplying non-chlorinated water for gardening by collecting and storing rain water from your roof through a connection to your downspout that would otherwise […]

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Recycling Awareness Program

It’s time to talk “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse” PRC’s Recycling Awareness Program shares answers to common questions surrounding recycling in southwestern Pennsylvania such as: Lids on? Lids off? Rinse? Wash? Labels on? Labels off? Which plastics are acceptable? What about a window? Broken plastic toys? Electronics? Tires? Plastic bags? Polystyrene? Appliances? Textiles? What materials are accepted […]

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