Multi-Family Residences Recycling

PRC is working with fifteen multi-family residential units throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area to improve their recycling programs and decrease the amount of waste sent to local landfills. Oftentimes, multifamily residential units fall between regulatory cracks, especially when it comes to recycling. PRC is addressing this problem by providing recycling bins, educational materials, and informational workshops to residents in these buildings. As recycling programs improve and become more convenient, the materials sent to landfills will decrease, and will instead be kept in circulation through recycling!

The Project

According to the 2010 Census there are over 37,000 multifamily residential units within the City of Pittsburgh, representing almost a quarter of the housing in the City. According to Act 101 and local municipality ordinances, both commercial businesses and residents are required to recycle. Unfortunately, multi-unit residences often fall through the cracks as they do not neatly fit into either category.

To solve this problem, PRC is currently working to find simple solutions and programs that fit for multi-family residential units. Thanks to the generous support of Alcoa Foundation, PRC is able to work with fifteen multi-unit residences around the Pittsburgh area to improve their recycling programs and rates.

Our Partners

Our partner buildings are a mixture of many different types of housing throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, including: Senior Housing, Student Housing, Low-Income Housing, and Traditional Housing. Each of these buildings and housing units has a different quality of recycling program, from highly successful programs to none at all.

All told, this program will benefit approximately 1,300 Pittsburghers and keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of valuable materials in circulation and out of our landfills!

The Outcome

PRC worked with these properties for years to find the best management practices for multi-family properties. Find more information about these practices as well as recycling guides for residents and properties owners click here.