Zero Waste Rental Service

Are you thinking about hosting an event soon? PRC’s Zero Waste Program Zero Waste Rental Service can provide you with all the necessities for greening your event!

When & Why Should I Use a Zero Waste Rental Service?

Graduation celebrations, birthday parties, block parties, weddings, fundraisers and events of generally 250 guests or less are a perfect fit for the Zero Waste Rental Service. Events, even small backyard parties, can generate a significant amount of waste. Avoiding typical party supplies is easier with our options. By utilizing our Zero Waste Rental, you can prevent single-use servingware and packaging from adding to the landfill.

What is a Zero Waste Rental Service?

Our Zero Waste Rental Service includes three bins, which separate materials into categories. The three bins are labeled “Landfill,” “Recycling,” and “Compost.” Educational signs are part of the package, so guests will know which bin to use.

How do I Plan to Reduce Waste?

Reducing waste at your event begins long before the event itself. Follow these steps to make the most of your Zero Waste rental:

  1. Choose a venue that offers both recycling and trash disposal, and ask what your venue’s recycling hauler accepts. PRC’s Zero Waste Rental Service will provide you with compost disposal.
  2. Purchase the right amount of food for your party. Let your caterer know that your priorities include minimizing excess food.
  3. Arrange a food donation plan with a food pantry or organization like 412 Food Rescue. Make sure to follow donation guidelines; keep excess food temperature safe and sealed. If you are working with a caterer, share these guidelines for food donation.
  4. Choose to serve on durable plates, glassware, and utensils. Decorate with reusable, washable items. This will significantly reduce single-use disposable items at your event.

Where do I Purchase Compostable Service-Ware?

Where durable service-ware is not possible, our Zero Waste Rental Service can provide you with BPI-certified compostable service-ware. This serviceware is made from a combination of plant fibers such as sugar cane or paper, and natural waxes, resins and plant-based polymers used as a lining or an alternative to conventional plastic. See the insert below for PRC’s compostable serviceware inventory.

What Can I Compost?

Backyard compost is different from commercial composting. Your backyard compost is great for composting food scraps, yard waste, and paper products. However, much compostable service-ware, including “bio-plastics” made with PLA, will only compost in an industrial facility that reaches a higher heat. With your use of the Zero Waste Rental Service, our organization will compost these as well as your food scraps, paper, and wet/dirty cardboard. Your compost will be properly processed by AgRecycle, the only industrial composting facility in the region.

How Do I Order a Zero Waste Rental Service?

Please use the form below to request a Zero Waste Rental Service. Please submit your request no later than two weeks prior to your event. Kits can be picked up and dropped off, along with compostable materials at PRC’s Office in Pittsburgh’s Northside (828 W. North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233).

Certified Compostable Serviceware Catalog

Service Ware

Upon request, PRC has a small inventory of 100% BPI-certified compostable service-ware available with Zero Waste Kit Rentals.

You can find compostable products through most major vendors, however, many products labeled “compostable” or “biodegradable” through online vendors are not certified through the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) or the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These labels are important, because they distinguish if the product will break down in commercial composting facilities.

Peruse the inventory below, and make your selections for purchase in the Zero Waste Kit Rental Form further down on this page. PRC staff is happy to provide recommendations for any additional service-ware you need.


Order Request Form

  • PRC's Zero Waste Rental Service is recommended for diverting waste for parties and events with 250 guests or less. We recommend renting 1 Zero Waste Station for every 75 guests, or more if your event is high-consumption. If your event is larger than 250 guests, please fill out our Zero Waste Event Management Form.
  • Each Zero Waste Station includes 3 ClearStream frames and one of each color coded lid for trash, recycling and compost, along with informational signage and bags. Each Zero Waste Station rental is $30.
  • If you do not have backyard compost, or plan to serve food or drinks in BPI-certified compostable cups, plates, etc, PRC can dispose of your event compost through AgRecycle, a commercial composting facility just outside of Pittsburgh. With your Zero Waste Station, PRC provides BPI-certified 45-gallon compostable bags to collect your compost. Disposal of each full bag costs $20. Please estimate your disposal needs below. (One bag per station is typical, unless you have a high-consumption event)
  • Cold cups can be ordered in packages of 50. ($9.00/pack)
  • Cold cups can be ordered in packages of 50. ($7.00/pack)
  • Hot cups can be ordered in packages of 50. ($9.00/pack)
  • 6" fiber plates can be ordered in packages of 50. ($4.00/pack)
  • 10" fiber plates can be ordered in packages of 50. ($10.00/pack)
  • Wooden forks can be ordered in packages of 100. ($8.00/pack)
  • Wooden spoons can be ordered in packages of 100. ($8.00/pack)
  • Wooden knives can be ordered in packages of 100. ($8.00/pack)
  • Upon submission of this form, PRC's Zero Waste staff will be notified of your request. An email will be sent to you within 3 days confirming your request and providing a quote with payment information. If equipment is found to be damaged after the rental period, you may be subject to fines. You will have three days prior to the event date to pick up equipment and three days after the event to drop off equipment along with your compost bag(s).

If you need larger quantities of the materials listed above, please email [email protected] with the message titled “Zero Waste Kit Order.”