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PRC Launches 100% Recycled Content Paper Cooperative!

Posted by: Kaity Baril on March 6, 2020

The Pennsylvania Resources Council has launched a RECYCLED PAPER COOPERATIVE to make 100% recycled paper more affordable by purchasing large volumes of office paper directly from a western Pennsylvania paper mill passing the savings on to coop members. PRC is dedicated to keeping PA office paper 100% recycled, 100% local by making it affordable and […]

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COVID-19 Puts Strain on Waste and Recycling Services Across Pennsylvania

Posted by: Stacy Albin on March 31, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic brought sudden changes to residents and business’ in cities across the U.S., including Pennsylvania. On March 19, 2020, Governor Wolf ordered all non-life-sustaining business to close their physical locations, and his list of all essential and non-life-sustaining businesses has been updated numerous times since its release. Although municipal solid waste and recycling […]

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Posted by: Sarah Shea on March 25, 2020

In recent weeks, the Pennsylvania Resources Council has closely monitored the COVID-19 situation in the commonwealth and its potential impact on venues and events.   Following the CDC’s March 15 recommendation concerning public gatherings, PRC has announced the following program changes:   PITTSBURGH AREA MARCH & APRIL CONSERVATION WORKSHOPS – RESCHEDULED (dates TBD)  PHILADELPHIA AREA APRIL AND MAY RAINBARREL WORKSHOPS – RESCHEDULED (dates TBD)  FUTUREFEST/REUSEFEST APRIL 18TH EARTH DAY […]

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Exciting Eastern School Programs

Posted by: Kaity Baril on January 27, 2020

Pennsylvania Resources Council’s Eastern School Programming introduces participants to regional and global environmental solutions. These programs align with PA Department of Education standards. As a result, they are a valuable resource for meeting Environment and Ecology and Science and Technology standards. Eastern School Programming Renewable Energy Students will learn about the process of creating electricity […]

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A Year in Review – PRC’s Impact in 2019

Posted by: Kaity Baril on January 10, 2020

Our Programming Review As we are celebrating the New Year, we review our most successful year yet. In 2019, we have major milestones such as moving our Western Office, creating new programs, and expanding our current reach. Thank you, to all those that contribute to our organization.  

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