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Posted by: Kim Bischof on July 2, 2018

PRC is proud to offer a number of Hard to Recycle Collection Events throughout Allegheny County to help local residents responsibly recycle materials that are not accepted into local recycling programs. Over the last 16 years, PRC has worked hard to expand this list to take as many different materials as possible to ensure that is is responsibly recycled instead of placed into the trash or illegally dumped.

Each of these products have different processes to be recycled into new products, which is largely why they cannot be recycled with your regular curbside recycling. In this Hard-to-Recycle Materials Series, we will be taking a closer look at what happens to the products that you bring to recycling collection events! Be sure to check out our last post on Expanded Polystyrene Foam. This post will focus on tires.

Why Recycle?

Whole tires are illegal to send to landfill in Pennsylvania under Act 190 of 1996 or the Waste Tire Recycling Act.  Tires can cause a number of issues at landfills. Tires are large and numerous, they take up so much space, that they can cause landfills to fill up prematurely. The faster landfills are filled, the more of them we need to create.

Second, because of their shape, tires trap the methane gas which forms as the garbage decomposes. This methane buildup can damage the landfill liners over time and increases the landfill likelihood of leaking. Tires are 75% void space, which means they can hold a large amount of methane gas that would otherwise be removed from the landfill via pipes.

What Happens to It?

Tires can be recycled into rubber mulch, pavement, and other materials and in some cases used tires are incinerated for energy at specifically designed plants. When you bring tires to a PRC Hard to Recycle Collection Event, they are recycled by Liberty Tire Recycling. Some of the whole tires are burned for energy (also know as Tire Derived Fuel). Size-reduction techniques are used to break the rest of the tires down into a variety of sized rubber particles. Each size is used for unique process or products.

Where Can I Take Tires for Recycling?

Liberty Tires
Services offered: Pick or drop-off
For more information call 412.562.1700

Service offered: Drop-offs accepted at most locations
Find your local store here.

You can also check with your local auto mechanic or store! Most offer some form of tire recycling service.

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